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About Us

At a glance

CBT is a fully owned subsidiary of Cape Bouvard Investments Pty Ltd with the primary focus on investing in and co-developing high growth potential technologies.

We achieve these goals via expertise in engineering, IP protection/valuation and technology commercialisation, combined with sound financial management and provision of capital.

Key CBT Executive Personnel has contributed to and enjoyed major technological breakthroughs and IP marketing successes globally. Its proprietor pioneered a novel combustion technology, which was described to the NASA in the 1980’s by expert US consultants “as the cutting edge of world engine technology”. These engine technologies produced superior fuel economy and emissions, which have contributed to today’s vehicle performances.

By drawing together highly experienced staff from a number of other successful entities founded by the proprietor, the current expansion initiative can be approached with considerable confidence of a successful outcome.

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Investment Strategy

CBT is seeking opportunities via innovation and /or development of relevant technology platforms upon which to build and establish a substantial operating business. It is also actively seeking to acquire technology businesses which have the potential for growth via the development and addition of new and novel products.

Our current novel core technologies under development provide a window of opportunity for exploitation via the design and development of multiple products that incorporate these.

Our Team

Peter Sarich – Director

Peter has more than 25 years of venture capital experience. He is responsible for overseeing the fund raising activities of the management team of the company as well as originating, managing and exiting investments. He is also a director of Cape Bouvard Energy Pty Ltd, Linear Technologies Pty Ltd and Cape Bouvard Investments Pty Ltd and is the CEO and a Member of the Board of Cape Bouvard Investments.

Peter has held the position of CEO at Cape Bouvard Investments Pty Ltd (CBI) since 1986 to the present time. During this period he has created a highly motivated and competent young team which is nationally recognised for its professionalism.

Peter has extensive experience in managing CBI’s investment and development property portfolio, operating businesses, technology development and commercialisation, equity portfolios, and non CBI family assets having an estimated realisable value when consolidated close to $1b.

Lee Pinkerton – Director

Lee has over 20 years of experience in the finance, investment and property sectors. He is the Group General Manager and Company Secretary of Cape Bouvard Investments Pty Ltd and has a focus on sourcing, assessing and managing the group’s diverse investment portfolio.

Lee’s professional affiliations and qualifications include: Bachelor of Business – Accounting Major; Post-Graduate Diploma – Applied Finance and Investment; Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. He is currently a director of Cape Bouvard Energy Pty Ltd, Linear Technologies Pty Ltd and the Property Council of Australia. He is also the President of the WA division of the Property Council of Australia.

Steve Watson – General Manager

Steve is a product commercialisation professional with over 30 years experience in getting new product concepts to market. His qualifications include a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering, and a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration.

Over the past 15 years Steve has launched a number of technology enterprises, mainly concerned with the commercialisation of electro-mechanical products. In his role as general manager of Cape Bouvard Technologies he is primarily responsible for sourcing new investment opportunities, and then working with portfolio companies and internal projects on global business development and expansion initiatives.

Kim Schlunke – Technical Director

Kim is a seasoned Engineering R&D Manager with over 40 years’ experience in the development and commercialisation of new technologies.

Graduating in 1977 with Honours in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Newcastle, he joined the Orbital Engine Company (ASX:OEC) in the same year. He worked in various technology management roles within Orbital developing combustion and fuel injection systems for automotive OEM customers, culminating with his appointment to the CEO role in 1992 – a role that he held for 10 years.

After leaving Orbital Kim formed a small aerospace technology company, which developed a number of novel compact VTOL flying craft such as the Hoverpod and Mupod.

His varied exposure to many different technology sectors and industries assists CBT in the identification of new technologies for development and commercialisation. He is also responsible for meeting the technical objectives of CBT’s in-house engineering programs.