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Cape Bouvard Structural Battery

Cape Bouvard Technologies Pty Ltd (CBT) has implemented a program to commercialise its advanced large-scale battery (electric vehicles) technology, which provides added stiffness to a vehicle’s structure while reducing the battery assembly weight by more than 35% over comparable assemblies. A unique and advanced temperature management system enhances the life and safety of this battery. Innovative manufacturing processes and materials reduce the cost of the assembly by an estimated up to 40%. The uniquely flat form factor and structural capability mean that this battery can be considered for application in the floors, walls and bulkheads of structures in both vehicle and stationary installations.

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Car Battery Cropped

Cape Bouvard Multi-Purpose Transmission Concept

Cape Bouvard Technologies has a novel multi-ratio power transmission concept that can be used for bicycles, motor cycles, ATV’s, and machine tools. The transmission is a low-cost device that produces seamless automatic gear changes in response to pre-calibrated speed and load conditions.

It is anticipated that the first commercial implementation of the technology will be on bicycles. Initially, the product will be deployed as an after-market, retrofit product – prior to subsequent OEM implementation with bicycle manufacturers. Use of the device will be shown to reduce rider fatigue and enhance the riding experience.

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CBT Bicycle Transmission

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